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  • cate:

    I would like to be notified when you put up new posts, is there a place to do that?
    Thanks Cate

    • admin:

      Hi Cate. On the first page there is a ‘Site-wide RSS feed’ link, just above the first post. That is how you sign up to be notified of new posts, though to be honest, I don’t know any more than that. If you can’t make sense of it let me know! Cheers Peter

      • cate:

        Thanks. Their was a link to get updates on the Site wide RSS, I am looking forward to more posts, Thanks Cate

  • maggie sands:

    hi guys just letting youy know I’M on your site looking at the fantastic wandjina photos lots of love maggie sands xx

    • admin:

      Hi Maggie, Glad you like them! They bring back wonderful memories of our first trip to the Kimberley with you. Hope you are well. Love Peter & Nirbeeja

  • Hi Peter & Nirbeeja,

    So good to hear from you guys! Your site is fabulous.
    What an inspiration for you to still be so involved with your travels.

    Love and hugs

    • admin:

      Hi Melanie
      Thanks for your lovely comments. Great to hear from you. Hope all is going well.
      Peter & Nirbeeja

  • So wonderful to see some of you journey, much love flowing from the pictures, I see you are living your joy. Wonderful. The brolga’s take me back to my childhood in western Qld, where they danced near my home in Aramac many moons ago.

    Always Love
    Soraya Devashakti.
    OM Shanti.

  • Hi Peter,

    Great blog. Love how you have chosen to live – wonderful.

    Fondest regards,


    • admin:

      Wonderful to hear from you Salil. Glad you enjoyed the blog. I hope you are well and still enjoying life, whether in New York or elsewhere. Best wishes. Peter