Alice Springs Masters Games 2010 – Opening Parade

I always had a crush on Wonder Woman - but four at once! Actually, members of the Western Wonder Women volleyball team.


The concept of “Masters Games” always conjured up an image for me of a few old codgers shuffling around a running track, with a St John’s Ambulance team waiting anxiously at the finish line.

Before I’m lynched by some spritely mob, let me set the record straight.  There’s far more than athletics on offer here at the 12th Masters Games in Alice Springs.

And let me quickly add…..I’ve never seen a bunch of happier, healthier and more animated people in my life.  I must also confess that I am well and truly beyond the minimum entry age of 35.  So there.

We went into town yesterday to watch the Opening Parade for the games as it passed along the famous Todd Mall of Alice Springs.  As you can see from the photos, the parade was anything but serious, and everyone had a great time.  I’ve never before captured so many photos of spontaneously happy, alive people.

The parade was followed by a fireworks display and free open air concert featuring masters from a different field - music – including Ross Wilson, James Reyne, Mark Seymour and Wendy Matthews.

The sporting events are held over the coming week.  By all accounts just as much energy is put into the activities off the sporting arenas.

The Masters Games are truly a celebration of life!

October 2010

The girls in their finery

Her best specs

The North Queensland Living Legends - you can see why.

Stepping out!

Another view of this cheeky team

Three local legends. The (nee) Trindle Sisters

Foodtown Norths - proudly sponsored by Milner Rd Foodtown!

Hang on, what were the age requirements for participants?

The Polar Bears

The WA Countryside Comets - looking gorgeous

The Brown Eyed Girls hockey team from Darwin

Where's the party? More gorgeous girls.

Not sure of their sport, but it may be horizontal folk dancing.

DUDE!!!!! Actually, Errol Neish, from Canberra, raising funds for people with MS.

Another happy shot

There are more photos below. Just click on the link to view them.