Scarlet Robin, Crystal Springs campsite, D’Entrecasteaux National Park, WA

Australia is home to many delightful species of  Robin.  We have all heard of the ‘Robin Red-Breast’, but our Robins are in fact many and varied.  Yellow, red breasted and capped, white, scarlet, buff-sided and rose are but some of the colours and types to be found in different regions of Australia.  As with most bird species, it is the male who is the most striking and colourful.  The females are relatively drab little creatures but still pretty in their own way.

It is always exciting to see a flash of colour from a small passing bird, then realise it is a beautiful little Robin.  Robins tend to live in forests or open woodlands, their diet consisting of insects, and they are often seen perched sideways on a treetrunk as they watch and wait for insects in the leaf litter below, dropping on their unsuspecting prey. 

We will add more photos as we go.  We took some video footage of two male Red Capped Robins mirroring each other in a territorial dance, and that has been posted in the youtube link.  Those Robins are also shown here in a still photo.

Click on the link below to view our footage of the two male Red-Capped Robins.


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