Our Favourite Places

We are often asked to name our favourite place from our travels.  We find that impossible, because we have visited many wonderful places and are unable to chose one above  all others.  But there are a dozen or so which stand out.  These are the places we often find ourselves day-dreaming about, places we’d visit again in an instant.

Many of them are remote.  And many of them we had never heard of until we ventured into their region.  We doubt whether you will know all of  them all.  Some are tiny national parks tucked away in remote corners of Western Australia’s glorious south-west, another is at the wild southern tip of South Australia’s Eyre Peninsula, while yet another is a tiny town astride the Darling River in outback New South Wales.  Each of them is magical in its own way.

We will feature each of them in an online article, hoping to impart some of that magic to you, and also hoping to provide practical information should you ever wish to visit them.  Maybe, one day, we will see you in one of our favourite places!