Kalamurina Sanctuary – Under the Shade of a Coolibah Tree

Warburton Creek on Kalamurina, late afternoon.

We had planned to visit the Australian Wildlife Conservancy’s Kalamurina Sanctuary earlier in 2011, but were thwarted by the weather and other commitments.  So when we were offered to act as caretakers on the sanctuary for five weeks over the Christmas/New Year period, we jumped at the opportunity.


Grasshoppers of Alice Springs


If you’ve seen one grasshopper, you’ve seen them all. Or so we thought until the last month in Alice Springs. Unusually heavy rainfall in January and February has led to an explosion in insect numbers in the region. Grasshoppers have been particularly noticeable among those insects, and have gone into a breeding frenzy, leading to a plague that threatens serious damage to local agricultural interests. (more…)



We are constantly amazed at the number and variety of insects lurking in the Australian bush.  Some bite, while others love to invade campsites and homes.  Whatever their shape, size and colour, they all form an essential part of a healthy environment.  

We will add photos of some of these strange and beautiful creatures to the site.  Macro photographs provide a grimpse into their world and  also show some of the colours which are often not apparent to the naked eye.