Blog 8 – We explore WA’s Murchison & Gascoyne regions, then have a first taste of the Pilbara – September 2008

Murchison River late afternoon – near campsite

Hello everyone.  Our previous entry was written in Kalbarri.  We spent several more days in the region, camped at the Murchison House Station on the banks of the Murchison River.  We had a lovely time there, enjoying campfires morning and night and heading off each day to explore somewhere else in the region.  And did we mention the wildflowers?  Yes, of course we have, over and over, but it’s difficult to get over such a display.  They were beautiful.

Apart from looking at the flowers, we did manage a few other things, including the 8km Loop Walk around the gorges along the Murchison River.  It was beautiful, with dramatic cliffs and rocks forming a backdrop along the walk.  Everywhere we looked wildflowers were in bloom (oops, mentioned them again). (more…)

Blog 7 – Work and play in WA’s Central West – August 2008

The sunrises almost made the 4am starts worthwhile

Hello again!  We are writing this blog in Kalbarri, a delightful coastal town north of Geraldton, having arrived yesterday. Over the past five weeks we’ve been at our second housesit, on this occasion for Alick and Willemina in the countryside about 20 kilometres north of Geraldton.  They made us very welcome at their home and we were able to spend some quality time with them at the end of our housesit after they returned from a tag-along 4WD tour they led into the Pilbara.  Alick was also generous in providing us with lots of great information for our forthcoming adventures into the Pilbara.  (more…)

Blog 6 – Further explorations in WA’s South West, then we venture north – June 2008

Near Cape Naturaliste, WA                                            Well, despite what you may think, we haven’t disappeared, nor have we been abducted by aliens.  We are, in fact, writing to you from Geraldton on the mid west coast of Western Australia.  We are nearing the end of our first housesit, looking after the home and pets of a couple named Gloria and Rob while they enjoy a holiday in Bali.  We have plenty of company here in their home – 6 dogs, comprising a beautiful Rottweiller named Chloe, 5 pugs – Shortie, Mack, Fifi, Burtae and Misty – who are full of mischief and personality, a talking female Corella named Bob, two more birds and a couple of fish.  So, after many months without any pets, we have gone into saturation mode.  We’ve had an enjoyable and entertaining time looking after them all.

Before we go any further, we should fill you in and what we’ve been up to for the past few months.  After many months of touring and camping in national parks, we’ve had a few changes to our routine.  Since our last blog we’ve mainly stayed in towns, entertained guests from home, worked for a living, Peter had a whirlwind trip home to Canberra, and, as we mentioned above, we’ve been doing our first housesit.  The months have simply flown by. (more…)

Blog 5 – Westward Ho! – March 2008

The Nullarbor Cliffs - a spectacular sight.

Our journey across the Great Australian Bight to the Nullarbor Plain and beyond commenced on Australia Day, which seemed to us a very appropriate time to visit such landmarks.

The Nullarbor Plain – plain sailing ahead!                                       Warning signs – an interesting line-up.

Our first stop was at Cactus Beach, a surf beach famous for its point break (whatever that means).  Yes, it did look like a great place for surfing but we were keen to see the Nullarbor cliffs, so we continued on our way.  We reached the Great Australian Bight Marine Park which stretches along the coastline of South Australia across the Bight.  The cliffs vary from between 60 to 90 metres in height, and rather disconcertingly are often undercut by erosion.  The views from the sheer cliffs into the surging Southern Ocean far below were breathtaking.