Friends visit Alice Springs – we show them the Red (or was that Green) Centre

Field of wildflowers beside Binns Track, south east of Alice Springs

Our friends Christopher and Janice from Canberra made a flying visit to Alice Springs last weekend.  It was Janice’s third time here this year, and Christopher’s second.  They almost consider themselves to be locals now.

Their visit had been planned for a couple of months, and we were hoping the area would still be as pretty as we assured them it was.  All year we kept reporting flowing rivers, regular rainfall, wildflowers and abundant wildlife.  In the end I think they visited just to shut me up!


Spring arrives early in The Alice

Zebra Finch (male) gathering nesting material, Alice Springs

Spring has definitely arrived early this year in Alice Springs.  Everywhere you look, native shrubs are in flower, the birds are building nests and the hills still have a greenish tinge after consistent rainfall all this year.  It is gorgeous.  We are even getting a few days now above 20 degrees, although the nights remain cool.  Who would be anywhere else?!


Recent photos – June 2010

Butterfly on Melaleuca blossom, Stuart Hwy, Alice Springs

Here are some (mostly) recent photos.  Where appropriate I’ve added them to other galleries on the site.  Hope you enjoy them!


The Kimberley

Manning Gorge

Is it possible to sum up the Kimberley in a few photographs?  Of course not.   Such a vast, untamed, ancient, uncompromising and varied landscape would take a lifetime to even begin to comprehend.  But what the hell, here a a few photos we took in various places around the Kimberley, which we hope will give you a glimpse of the moods of this magnificent region. The Kimberley holds a magic all of its own.


The Pilbara

Contrasts, Weano Gorge, Karijini Ntl Pk

Most of us would be hard-pressed to locate the vast Pilbara region on a map of Australia.  We might associate the Pilbara with iron ore mining and offshore gas rigs, but know little more about it.  Nirbeeja and I certainly knew very little about the region before we visited. The first time we looked at a map of the region, there seemed to be a few small settlements with vast distances between them, and huge areas of ‘nothing’ on the map.

The reality of the Pilbara is, of course, very different.  It is a beautiful region, perhaps with the greatest range of colours of any we have seen in Australia.  The deep red of the rocks and earth contrasted with the deep blue of the sky and the pale spinifex grass.


Australian Scenery

The beautiful pool above Champagne Springs, the Kimberley

We have been blessed to visit many wonderful places during our travels around Australia; some beautiful, some wild and some spectacular. And some all three.

Here is a selection of our photographs. 


Sunrises and Sunsets

Pilbara sunset - mirroring the colours of the rockOkay, we admit it, we’ve seen more sunsets than sunrises.  Enough said, the photos speak for themselves.